Chronic pain

What is the chronic pain? Almost everyone feels pain from time to time. Perhaps your head hurts after a stressful event, belly poisoning or a broken arm. Some women feel weaker and, in some cases, stronger menstrual cramps every month. Pain that most people experience usually begins suddenly and takes a relatively short time. It […]

Pharmacological methods

Analgesics, which are constantly improved by scientists, give relief in the fight against many ailments. Some can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription, others can only be purchased with the approval of a doctor. Often choosing the right agent can take a lot of time for the doctor – it is important to […]

Surgical methods

Surgical methods are sometimes used to remove pain. They are considered one of the most effective methods of fighting cancer. They can focus on the removal of the immediate cause of pain – eg in the case of removal of gallstones in gallstones or drainage in the case of chronic pancreatitis. Researchers are working on […]